T.A.T.A. President Message

Dear Community member,

Welcome to American Telugu Convention (ATC). It is an honor to have you visit our convention website. Here you will find in-depth information about our upcoming convention. Telangana American Telugu Association (T.A.T.A) is proudly cohosting this convention alongside American Telugu Association (ATA) and we are one excited team to host the very first joint Telugu convention in America. Since the inception of our organization, conceptualized and realized by the Chair of Advisory Council Dr. Pailla Malla Reddy, a team of dedicated individuals came forth to engross themselves into Social and Cultural activities and made T.A.T.A a household name for community service. I for one am an enthusiast and get delved into serving the mankind and this is where my passion lies.

Our convention will be one of its kind with the finest team of leadership individuals from across United States of America striving to bring the best in cultural, community and other focal items forward. Rest assured over 300 volunteers are working from both organizations round the clock to ensure there is entertainment unlimited. Not limiting to entertainment, you will find the finest vendor stalls, ethnic India delicacies, stalwarts from Tollywood, shopping, matrimonial, political debates, literary discussions, fashion shows, youth activities and much more at the Irving Convention Center which has hosted world class conventions and is equidistantly located to the Dallas/Fort-Worth and Dallas Lovefield airport.

Marking the event, we will also be honoring individuals across the world in the key fields (not limited to) of community service, education, medicine, entertainment among other fields who have influenced the world in a positive manner. With so much happening, I would like to request each one of you to help me in spreading the word to ensure the joint American Telugu Convention to be a hit. Needless to say this will happen only with your help. No matter where we live and as a matter of fact being obliged to the Telangana and Telugu Talli, it is our moral obligation to make the event highly successful.

I would like to end with a quote “This world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion”. So please join us in making this event a great success.

Dr. Haranath Policherla
President, T.A.T.A
Advisory Council Co-Chair, T.A.T.A
Member Joint Advisory Committee, (ATC)
Member Joint Executive Committee, (ATC)