ATA President Message

Dear Telugu Community,

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce myself as the President of American Telugu Association (ATA). I am privileged to be associated with ATA. I am proud to say ATA is one of the premier community organization in North America serving the needs of Telugu community and the mainstream people in America. My earliest gratitude and heartfelt thanks goes to ATA Board of Trustees and ATA members for mentoring and giving me the opportunity to serve one of the giant organization.

I am blessed to have inherited the throne of this prestigious Telugu Organization, which has been served by able leaders and set the Organization on path to deliver the services that the founders intended.

In its long history of over 26 years, ATA has delivered many charity programs such as Food for the Poor, Water Supply projects, Health camps and educational scholarship programs back home. ATA has not limited its service programs to India. We have been conducting charity programs in various cities across the USA.

I would like to end with a quote This world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion. So please join us in making this event a great success.

We have conducted numerous Grand conventions over the long history of ATA, promoting local talent in USA, providing opportunity to show case the unique talent of artists from Telugu States, and facilitating reunion of friends and families scattered around the country.

Conventions has only been a part of the activities of ATA, to bring the people together and promote the culture and talent.

As the needs of the community have changed, we have steered our community service programs to adapt to the needs of the community. We have conducted SAT training programs to help youth prepare for college and Computer software training programs catering to the professionals of the community, requiring skills to keep them competitive in the dynamic IT industry. The SAT training and IT Training programs stand out as the unique community service programs provided by any of the Telugu Organizations.

With a long history of Service and carried out mammoth responsibility bringing people together, ATA leadership has taken an initiative with sister Telugu Organizations, Telangana American Telugu Association, to conduct joint convention, in Dallas, Texas.

Given the size of the two giant organization representing Telugu speaking people from both the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, the idea of giant convention was termed as impractical.

With steely resolution and solid display of friendship and unshaking trust, the giants are Marching towards the United Telugu Convention, to be held on May 31, June1 and June 2@Irving Convention Center.

I hereby invite you all and make our effort worth the while with your participation and encourage such future initiative of other sister Telugu organization. We are proud to have conceived the idea and able to set an unprecedent example to the NRI Telugu community.

Let us all join hands together and walk hand in hand for the common cause, rising

Dr. Karun Asireddy
ATA President